Amber Shaw presents...

IGNITE Accelerator: Health, Wealth + Relationships

A 6-week mini-course for women 35+ who are READY to gain confidence, clarity and direction by taking back control of their health, wealth and relationships for a fulfilling life powered by purpose + passion.


Why I created IGNITE

All it takes is one¬†spark ‚Äď a moment of clarity, insight, or inspiration that ignites the path to transformation.

For me, that spark was ignited five years ago, at the age of 40, - in the middle of a painful divorce, juggling 2 young kids, stuck in a lucrative job that didn't light me up anymore, and tired of feeling so unconfident in my body. In the middle of all of the pain, brokenness and fear, I couldn't quiet the voice inside.


 My transformation from a place of uncertainty to one of confidence, empowerment and fulfillment is why I created IGNITE.  This powerful 6 week course is for you if:

  • You're at a crossroad in your life, and wondering what's next?¬† You¬†know¬†something needs to shift but need guidance on where to start.
  • You've¬†prioritized everyone and everything else for so long that you¬†don't even recognize yourself in the mirror and are now ready to¬†up-level¬†mindset, health & wellness¬†for more energy, less stress and a body you feel¬†amazing in.
  • You can't shake the feeling that there's¬†more for you in this life but a lack of clarity and direction is keeping you feeling stuck.
  • You want to model a life for your kids of self-love, healthy boundaries, joy and empowerment but you're struggling to create that for yourself.
  • You struggle with fear¬†of judgment, failure, or simply not being good enough and are ready to thrive emotionally and mentally.
  • You¬†want financial security for your life that looks like being debt free, having savings and being able to travel more with your family and want to an actionable plan to get you there.
  • You're ready uncover¬†the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that have been keeping you from making lasting change and living the life you want.
  • You're burnt out in your job and are ready to explore fulfilling work that aligns with your passions, opening doors to financial freedom.
  • KNOW you're meant for more and realize¬†it's time to take back control, create an actionable plan of attack and start optimizing every aspect of¬†your life.

Ignite Accelerator is your premium, NEXT LEVEL course to help you turn the page, release what's not serving you and finally take back control of your life.

How We'll Get You Unstuck in Your Health + Wealth + Relationships



Right off the bat we're going to get your health & wellness goals completely dialed in so that you have the energy and bandwith to be successful.  Our health is GROUND ZERO for successful change. 

This means laying the foundation for key nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits that are an effortless part of your life.  Not only will this set you up for success for feeling good in your body -  but it will also create the space for growth and confidence.  

By automating these elements, you'll free up not only physical energy but mental capacity and confidence to show up as your most powerful and authentic self.

Bottom line is when you feel good, you do good.  

We’ll focus on strategies that get lasting results, enhance your overall well-being, making sure that your health & wellness is sustainable and effortless, especially as a busy mom. 


This is where we'll explore the possibilities to financial security and purpose.  Whether you've been dreaming of leaving your 9 to 5 or simply creating a side hustle for additional income, we'll open the door for those curious about what it means to build something of their own but need a nudge in the right direction. 

Together we'll tap in to how you might generate additional income or pursue work that aligns with your passions and lifestyle - without the pressure to start a business.

This insightful work will pave the way for an action plan of safety and security without the fear and worry around finances.

This 6 week accelerator isn't enough time to get a full fledge business up and running but will lay the foundation and create clarity for the possibility for something  completely yours that opens doors to financial freedom.



In the IGNITE Accelerator, a pivotal focus is optimizing your relationships, with a huge emphasis on the most crucial relationship of all: the one with yourself.

In order to gain clarity and direction in your relationships with others, it must start with YOU.  It's about gaining the tools to own YOUR worth and stand confidently in your value and strength so you can make decisions from a place of power.

Clarity comes from holding space for yourself and being guided with the right questions to really tap into what YOU want for your life.

We'll dive into strategies for fostering positive self-talk, setting healthy boundaries, and prioritizing self-care, not as a luxury, but as a necessity.

By nurturing your self-esteem and self-worth, you're not only up leveling your own life but also setting a powerful example for your kids. They'll see first-hand the strength that comes from a mom who values and takes care of herself, teaching them the importance of self-respect and self-love.

Now is the¬†time to start prioritizing yourself, to step into the best version of yourself‚ÄĒand reclaim your life¬†because you deserve a life¬†filled with joy, fulfillment, and purpose.

This is the moment you've been waiting for.  It's YOUR time to make a change.


Hi! I'm Amber.

I'm a board-certified health and wellness coach (NBC-HWC), a certified personal trainer and dedicated mom of two.
But more than that, I am woman who took radical ownership of her life at the age of 40 and completely transformed her life.
My transformation began at yoga retreat in 2019 while in the middle of a painful divorce, feeling burnt out as a mom and very unfulfilled in my corporate job.  As I was getting ready to turn 40, with the guidance of a mentor, I started to ask myself the hard questions and evaluate my life. 
Six months after that retreat still in the thick of my divorce, I launched my coaching business. Another six months passed, and it became a six-figure venture that I was running full-time.
My divorce was one of the most painful periods of my life and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.  But I was so grateful I had created my company and a financial safety net that gave me hope and strength.  Not only was I making my own money but I had the means to make even more because I was able to invest in myself.
Since leaving corporate sales job, I've scaled my coaching business to a multiple six figure business, created a podcast, The Wellness Revolution, that is in the top 2% globally, built a strong and recognized brand and secured thousands of dollars in brand deals - all from the ground up, while being a single mom, while not knowing a thing about starting a brand.
But what I'm most proud of is helping hundreds of women transform their lives.  It's the part of my work that gives me purpose, fulfillment, and lights me the hell up.
My journey from a place of brokenness to a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and purpose is why I created IGNITE. I believe that every woman has a spark within her that, when ignited, can lead to extraordinary transformation. It’s not just about building a successful career or improving your physical health; it’s about stepping into your power, embracing your true potential, and creating a life that’s aligned with your deepest values and dreams.
So, if you’re ready to take that first step towards a life of purpose, passion, and empowerment, I’m ready to walk alongside you. Let’s IGNITE your potential together.

How IGNITE Works + What's Included 

Signature Curriculum Designed to Clarify + Optimize ($1,500 value)

The IGNITE Accelerator includes a comprehensive, guided curriculum designed to build your knowledge and skills step by step. From mastering your mindset to strategizing your health & wellness goals and laying the foundation for wealth and relationship growth, this curriculum covers it all.

Each week will be a streamlined combination of  brand new education and implementation.  I know that you are a busy mom who doesn't have hours to spend on this every week, so I have kept the format extremely simple but effective.

Every Monday you will have access to a brand new training that will be 10-20 minutes long on average.  

The trainings will be available for you to reference, as they are set up like blueprints for rinse-and repeat implementation. 

Then you can expect two support/implementation emails that expand on the weekly topic to hit your inbox every Wednesday and Friday.

The weekly emails are designed  to complement the guided curriculum, providing deeper dives into specific areas of health & wellness, exploring turning your passion into additional income and taking care of YOU. 

I have created this course to have every piece of information you need to be successful and the follow up you need to hold you accountable.

You will also have LIFETIME Access to this course so that you can go through it as many times as you want, especially when you're ready because you may listen to something that hits you now or depending on where you are at in your journey - you may listen to something that hits 6 months from now.  I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you since I am offering it for 50% off for a limited time.

(See below for full curriculum) 

Private Community for Connection, Celebration, and Ongoing Support ($500 value)

In addition to everything mentioned above, you also get access to a very special private community group.

This exclusive space is designed for connection, celebration, and continuous support throughout our time together.

And you will also get: 

  • Immediate Support Network: From day one, you'll be part of a community of like-minded women who understand where you're at. This network becomes your go-to for advice, encouragement, and support.

  • Celebrating Milestones Together:¬†Wins, big and small, deserve recognition. In this community, we celebrate every win together, reinforcing the positive momentum¬†needed for success.

  • Accountability Partnerships: Pair up with¬†fellow IGNITERS¬†who can keep you accountable to your goals. These partnerships often turn into lasting friendships and professional connections that extend well beyond the 6 weeks.

  • Direct Access to Amber: While the curriculum and¬†emails provide structured guidance, the¬†private group offers more informal access to me. Here, you can ask quickie questions or simply share your thoughts and get direct feedback.

  • Safe Space for Vulnerability:¬†Saying 'yes' to transformation¬†requires courage to be vulnerable. This private community offers a safe, supportive environment where you can openly share your challenges and fears without judgment.




Here's How the Curriculum will Flow 

This comprehensive and game changing curriculum us tailored for the determined mom over 35 who feels she's barely scratching the surface of her potential, IGNITE Accelerator is your launching pad to a life filled with purpose, health, and fulfillment.

Over six weeks, we focus on reclaiming your power, establishing control over your life, and setting the stage for a broader transformation. Here's how we'll do it:


Week 1: Awakening and Reclaiming Your Power 

  • Deep Dive Audit + Clarity Session:¬†We'll start getting crystal clear on what's working in your life and what needs attention.¬†By doing an individualized audit, you'll discover¬†your unique transformation zones and get clear on¬†where you're standing strong and where you¬†need¬†renewal. It's pinpointing the 'what' and 'where' that's¬†ready for a powerful transformation in your life.¬†It's¬†about awakening to your own potential and starting to believe in the possibility of more.¬† This is STEP 1 for getting clarity and direction to get you unstuck.

Week 2: Laying the Groundwork for  Health & Wellness

  • Craft Your Health Blueprint: Learn to prioritize your health with practical, sustainable strategies tailored for the busy mom.¬†We will focus on the big dial movers that will help to¬†get your wellness habits on lock¬†but also integrate them into your life that feels effortless and sustainable.¬† There is no one-size fits all approach to health and wellness.¬† Together, we will¬†dial in your¬†nutrition,¬†effective exercise routines, and mindfulness practices that fit into¬†YOUR life, laying the groundwork for physical and mental strength.

Week 3: Cultivating Emotional Well-Being and Resilience

  • Fortify Your Mental and Emotional Core:¬†Let's face it,¬†mom life can be stressful as hell (especially if you are going through a difficult season) and it can be easy to feel burnt out and beat down.¬† This week focuses on arming your with the tools you need to navigate the high stress in your life with compassion, grace and resilience.¬† You will learn some of the most powerful techniques I learned 5 years ago that brought me from barely surviving to thriving like a BOSS so that you can make decisions in your life from a place of strength, confidence and power.¬†

Week 4: Mapping Out Your Dream Life

  • Next Steps Strategy Plan: With renewed insight, newfound strength and¬†your health and wellness habits automated, your identity is starting to shift beyond the amazing mom you've been.¬†You've now created the mental bandwith to really craft your ideal life.¬† Together, we will get¬†crystal clear on the life¬†you want and reverse engineer the steps needed to get you there.¬† This week is all about mapping out the tangible steps necessary for creating your dream life so that you have an action plan when you are ready to implement.

Week 5: Pathways to Purpose and Financial Growth

  • Creating Financial Security Through Something That's Just Yours:¬†We will explore the¬†possibilities for generating income or engaging in work that feeds your soul.¬† Whether you are in a corporate job that no longer fulfills you, or you're an empty nester¬†that craves to start something of your own - this week is all about discovering¬†your passions + purpose and the possibility of turning it into additional revenue.¬†

Week 6: Crafting Your Specific Action Plan of Attack

  • Creating the Blueprint for Transformation:¬†In our final¬†week together we will put¬†your powerful insights¬† from the previous 5 weeks into a solid, actionable strategy. We will identify pivotal next steps, convert dreams into a tangible action plan¬†and prepare you to step boldly towards¬†your¬†transformation.

This 6-week accelerator is not just a course; it's a promise to yourself that you're ready to step into the power of "more." You'll finish with a clear plan of action, a rejuvenated sense of purpose, and a community of like-minded women who support your transformation. Let this be the beginning of a journey where you regain control, rediscover joy, and ultimately, reshape your life.

Are you ready to take that first step towards the life you deserve? Join us and find your way back to you.

Here's What it's Like to Work With Me


My Promise to You: 


After graduating the IGNITE Accelerator, here's exactly how you're going to be doing things... 

  • You're Navigating Life‚Äôs Big Decisions with Swagger:¬†Say goodbye to fear and doubt.¬† You've got the clarity and guts to make those big choices that scare you a little (in a good way).
  • Your Confidence is Contagious: Every time you catch a glimpse of yourself, you see someone you're proud of and worth celebrating.¬† You're crushing your body goals and people are noticing - it feels good as hell.
  • You're Unlocking Your Full Potential: No more feeling stuck or wondering "what if." You're standing in your power and actively pursuing the things that light up your world.
  • You're the Poster Child for Self-Love and Boundaries:¬†You no longer have guilt for prioritizing yourself and your friends are¬†looking to you on how to live a life of unapologetic self-care, firm boundaries, and confidence.
  • You're Tackling Fears Like a Friggin Pro: Those old fears of judgment and failure?¬† You've mastered the art of thriving, emotionally and mentally.
  • You've Got an Action Plan and You're Running with It: You know exactly what steps to take to upgrade every aspect of your life.
  • You're Revolutionizing Your Health: You've¬†created lasting¬†health & wellness habits that fit seamlessly into your life, transforming both body and mind.
  • You're a Resilience Rockstar: Armed with tools to manage stress and bounce back from challenges, you're more resilient than ever.
  • You're Building Rich, Supportive Relationships: You're investing in relationships that bring you joy and strength, making your social circle a powerhouse of support.
  • You're Setting Boundaries Like a Boss: Saying no becomes second nature, ensuring your time and energy are spent on what truly matters to you.
  • You're Prioritizing What Makes You Happy:¬†Happiness isn't just on your to-do list; it's a non-negotiable part of your daily life.
  • You're Stepping Up as the CEO of Your Life: Making decisions from a place of strength, you're in control and loving it.
  • You're¬†Excited for the Possibility of Combining Wealth & Purpose: With¬†new insights for what's possible for creating some that's just your own,¬†you're paving your way to financial freedom and autonomony.¬†
  • You're Living Your Dream Life: No more daydreaming. You're actively living a life filled with purpose, passion, and peace.

Show up, put in the work, and watch as these transformations become your reality. Ready to get started?

Make Your Move with Confidence.

I'm rolling out the red carpet for you today.

I've packed this 6 week transformational course with every resource and support you need for success. I'm fully committed to encouraging you to take this leap with confidence and strength.

If you choose to pass on this opportunity, that's completely okay. However, I want you to know that this is likely the most accessible this program will ever be.

The Accelerator price will jump to a price that better reflects it's value.

I am limiting spots and given the number on the waitlist, we'll fill up fast. Waiting for a "better time" might mean missing out altogether.

Now is your moment.

This info page has all the details you need to determine if IGNITE is the right fit for you.

The time to step up is now.

Are you ready?  


TOTAL VALUE: $2,000 

Join now for just: