Kickstart Lasting Weight Loss in Just 8 Weeks. No Restrictive Diet Required.

Join the 8 week immersive program to master your food, movement, and mindset for a happy, healthy body with Amber Shaw


Is this you?

You’ve counted calories, cut carbs & tried far more than your fair share of crazy crash diets over the years - but you are no closer to truly LOVING your body… 

In fact - in many ways, being on the dieting hamster wheel has left you feeling even worse.


  • Are so BORED with constantly thinking about food. I mean, can’t this just be solved already so you can live your life and focus your attention elsewhere? 
  • KNOW all about nutrition, and what you are “supposed” to be eating, but emotional eating keeps setting you back.
  • Just can’t seem to nail the CONSISTENCY part, even though you’re so successful in other areas of your life?
  • Feel like you’ve been doing this your entire adult life (and maybe even longer). You’ve experienced success a handful of times, only to eventually BURN OUT and fall back to old eating habits.
  • Intensely desire to feel at home, confident, and happy in your body - but you can’t shake the DISCOURAGEMENT. None of the weight loss programs or workout plans you used to follow seem to move the needle anymore, and it’s hard not to take that personally.


Introducing Master Your Nutrition, Master Your Body

The Most Effective and Sustainable Weight Loss Method For Women 40+

The ultimate 8 week program to put yourself back in the driver's seat - experience a transformation that goes deeper than a number on the scale. It’s about so much more than your calorie intake or what’s on your plate. I take a holistic approach because in reality– It’s all about YOU, gorgeous.

Real Results from working with Amber

After feeling hopeless and defeated that nothing was ever going to work, Clara lost 10lbs and will never go back to dieting again!
Self-proclaimed as the "impossible case" because of hormone imbalances and unresponsive metabolism!
Michelle lost inches after suffering from thyroid disease and learned that mindset is half the battle!

* Results vary based on goals, starting point, and effort

Hi! I'm Amber.

I started dieting at 15 years old. By the time I was in my 20s, I was lost, hopeless, and dealing with bulimia.

Even after healing, I found myself struggling - after two pregnancies, I had gained around 65 lbs and was miserable.

Go-to weight loss strategies no longer worked. I tried every diet on the planet, and it always ended with more deprivation and more unhappiness.

Do you know what finally tipped those scales and led me down the path of finally achieving my goals?

I found freedom the moment I left all of the diets, calorie counting, macros, and food logging behind. I focused on REAL food, an exercise program that didn’t require tons of time and was actually EFFECTIVE.


Food can be used as medicine for those out-of-balance hormones as our bodies change over our lifetime. You can 100% feel confident again in your own skin and actually have the energy to do what you love.  

What you can expect from our time together 

  • Get a super-simple training video every Sunday so you know exactly what to implement to stay on track with your goals
  • Interactive weekly live coaching calls to help you feel supported and held accountable
  • Downloadable meal inspiration & recipes to take the guesswork out of healthy eating 24/7
  • Simple and effective tools to optimize your metabolism & reverse the damage of years of restrictive dieting
  • 100% optional weekly fat-burning and strength-building workouts so you can tone your body, gain energy and boost your metabolism

Here’s what’s in store over the next 8 weeks:

Weeks 1-2: Your Food

Real Food Nutrition 

In the first week, we’ll dive into the kind of food your body needs most and all of the positive impacts they have on your hormones, mind, and body.

The 3 Absolutes

In the second week, I’m going to share 3 things you absolutely need to build a plate that gives you all the energy you need to tackle your daily challenges, lose weight, and take out all of the guesswork.


Weeks 3-5: Your Body’s Wants and Needs

Optimizing Your Hormones for Mind and Body Transformation

How to reset, recharge, and prime your body to balance your hormones and reprogram your metabolism. Tackle emotional eating head on.

Conquer Cravings

Learn how to use cravings as a tool to help you stay consistent and truly understand your cravings as important biofeedback from your body and not just a lack of willpower.

Moderation + Satisfaction

#Satisfactionfactor - How to actually eat food that doesn’t taste like hot garbage because healthy food doesn't have to suck


Weeks 6-8: Your Mindset

Finding Food Freedom

Learn to make peace with food so that you can stop beating yourself up and start living your life!

Mindfulness/Exposure Therapy + Intermittent Sampling

How to taste everything but binge on nothing so you can finally keep that box of your favorite cookies in the pantry without stressing you’ll cave and eat the whole box in one sitting.

Abundance Mindset and Old Food Narratives

How to change your mindset around food so that you never get a case of The “EFF-ITS”  and have to “start over” on Monday again!


Imagine if…

You finally felt at ease wearing the cute outfits you wanted to pack on your vacation and actually LOVE looking back on all the photos you took.

You let go of the guilt, and enjoyed indulging in dessert at the family event or while out with friends.

You could enjoy food without measuring, counting, or tracking ANY of it. 

You had the energy to do the hike, book the excursion, and do MORE of what you love. 

You could ENJOY shopping for clothes and didn’t have to dread the fitting rooms. 

You could make peace with food and shift out of the “food morality” mindset.

are you ready? the program starts July 24th!

  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching with weekly training videos, and interactive coaching calls with live support $750 value

  • Sustainable Nutrition without a restrictive meal plan to reverse the damage of years on the dieting rollercoaster, including delicious recipes $450 value

  • Lean in with unlimited support inside our private community with weekly challenges & rewards for your hard work $250 value

  • 24/7 Premium Members Only Portal with lifetime access to keep you accountable for long-lasting change $100 value

PLUS - this bonus is only available for a limited time!
  • 100% optional weekly fat-burning and strength-building workouts so you can tone your body, gain energy and boost your metabolism, designed for all fitness levels

  • Daily Workout Accountability Thread with EXTRA raffle prizes for those who go all-in and commit to daily workouts for 8 weeks!

    You can absolutely see incredible results in this program with only the nutrition coaching element - these workouts are a simple way to uplevel your results in 35 minutes or less, at no extra charge!



Paid In Full - Best Value



Two Monthly Payments




Almost every single woman I know has been burned by a diet or weight loss program at some point.

I want this to be a zero risk, no brainer decision for you.

So here's the deal:

Guarantee #1 - Within the first 7 days of signing up, if you decide you just don’t want to move forward and commit to your success, send me an email and I’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked!

Guarantee #2 - At the end of the 8 weeks, if you have done all of the work, shown up and completed the assignments, participated on the calls and in the group - and you still don't feel like you got value from this program…

Send me a message within 7 days of completing the program with proof of your participation, and I will refund you all of your money. 


The Program Starts July 24th. Will you be there?

There’s nothing I want more than for you to feel at home in your body and to be able to truly leave dieting in the DUST. I lived that way for TOO long and you absolutely deserve a better, more effective way. 

In just 8 weeks you will have a solid foundation for the REST of your life. From my 5 key principles of melting fat, mastering your nutrition and your body to boosting your confidence around food, in front of the mirror and out in the world. 

I am so thrilled I get to help everyday women build the BEST possible version of themselves. This 8-week program? It’s STEP ONE.