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3 Reasons the Everyday Woman Struggles to Stay Consistent When It Comes to Weight Loss


In each episode, we tackle one of three reasons women fail at sustainable weight loss:

🎙 Episode 1: You're UNDER eating. Kick years of the “eat less, move more” mentality to the curb (and find out what to do instead!)
Launching June 19th

🎙 Episode 2: You're stuck on “good foods” and “bad foods”. I’ll share why “food morality” is keeping you STUCK in the binge/restriction cycle.
Listen in June 20th

🎙 Episode 3: You have an “all or nothing” mentality. We’ll discuss why this is a dangerous way to think, and how to flip the switch in your thinking.
Tune in with me on June 21st

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This is for the woman that told herself after a “slip-up” that she should just give up on the diet, only to “reset” with a different method, a different diet, and finds herself saying “I’ll start on Monday”… 

This is for the woman that was taught to ignore her cravings but finds herself eventually “caving” in because her expectations are so restrictive, she ends up at a point that feels like nothing works…

This is for the woman who was told she must survive on a huge calorie deficit to see results, but feels confused by her lack of weight loss…

There are many reasons why women cannot sustain their weight loss goals, it goes much deeper than your calorie intake! It’s time to step into the “Progress over Perfection” mode and get out of the diet culture mentality.

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