Discover the real reason you have trouble staying consistent with your weight loss and wellness goals.

Spoiler alert: It is not your lack of willpower

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✔️ Tired of feeling like you're constantly struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle? 

✔️ Fall off the wagon every time life gets busy or stressful? 

✔️And as you age, does it seem like getting back on track is becoming harder and harder?

It's frustrating to feel like you're constantly starting over and never making any real progress toward your health goals. 

And it's exhausting to constantly try new diets, exercises, or habits, only to give up after a few weeks or months.

STOP BLAMING YOURSELF for lack of willpower, motivation, or something else that is not true.

YOU are not the problem. 

The problem is restrictive diets and time-consuming exercise programs do not fit into your lifestyle.

In order to make progress on your health goals, they require you to follow someone else's idea of what will work for you.

And most of these programs are not realistic (or satisfying) for real life.

The Diet Industry dives right into nutrition and fitness but does nothing to focus on life after the diet. 

They focus on outcomes and not lifestyles. 

They leave no room for the reality of a busy life - kids, career, and a never-ending to-do list.

Which makes maintaining these programs over time next to impossible.

It's time to look at wellness from a different lens.  

A lens that recognizes women over 40 - their physical changes and their busy lifestyle. 

It's time to look at what will actually work for YOU. 

Let's create sustainable habits that fit your lifestyle and stop trying to fit in someone else's box.

And finally, get the body results that you've been trying to achieve.  

I'll teach you how to do this and much more in my new, POWERFUL training:

This super-quick, easily digestible training will teach you how to set yourself up for success by creating a wellness foundation that fosters consistency.

We focus on habit shifts that will help you move toward a healthier lifestyle that fits into your day-to-day routine with ease.

You will have the exact roadmap to help you achieve all your health goals. And for good. 

When you learn how to be consistent, then wellness becomes an effortless lifestyle.

Grab this mini-training now and start your journey toward a healthier, happier you!

Imagine finally feeling confident and in control of your health. 

Imagine effortlessly making healthy choices every day without feeling like you're sacrificing anything. 

Imagine feeling energized, strong, and vibrant, even as you age. 


This doesn't have to be complicated!

So, are you ready to challenge everything you’ve tried and been taught about weight loss and transform your health for good?

So, are you ready to take the challenge and transform your health for good?

Hi, I'm Amber - Mind & Body Transformation Expert, Founder of The Wellness Revolution, Motivational Speaker, and Internationally Recognized Authority in the Health and Wellness Industry.

I gained around 65 lbs with BOTH pregnancies, and I was miserable. 

Post-pregnancy, I was over 210 lbs and wanted the weight off yesterday! 

I lost the weight very quickly, but it was extremely unhealthy, and I basically starved myself.

But just as fast as I lost it, some of it came back, and - once again - I tried every diet on the planet.  

I found myself in this vicious cycle of deprivation dieting and was more unhappy in my skin than ever.


It wasn't until I gave up ALL of the dieting - the macro counting, the calorie counting, logging my food - that I found true freedom. I started focusing on eating more real food and an effective exercise program that didn't require hours in the gym, and my body AND my mindset changed.

Now I want the same for you. And the first step starts with setting yourself up for success by building a foundation of consistency. 

Ready to feel confident and empowered in your own body? 

Get The Consistency Challenge today and begin this amazing journey!